For Libraries

One of the issues of being indie in inaccessibility. Most of my readers read in digital format. I know that those who don’t or can’t enjoy ebooks can’t just walk into a store and pick up a copy of my work if they hear about it.

Where can you just walk in and pick up a book? The library. But my books aren’t there either. I know budgets are tight and even if the budget is there, no one knows who I am, right? But I’d like to help by sending donating copies of my books to libraries as I’m able.

If you’re a librarian who makes acquisitions, register in the comments with:

  • your library’s name
  • your name
  • address
  • a link to your library’s website

As I can afford it, I will send packages containing one copy each of HUSH MONEY and HEROES ‘TIL CURFEW for your shelves at my expense.

When I ship a package, I’ll reply here to let you know that the books are on their way.

*Readers, please don’t register for your local libraries. While I appreciate the enthusiasm, I don’t want to send out books unsolicited. Instead, please contact your library and ask them to register for the giveaway.

2 responses to “For Libraries

  1. Amanda Viana

    Amanda Viana
    Somerset Public Library
    1464 County Street
    Somerset, MA 02726


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