For Booksellers

I get it, times are hard and it’s hardly a good time to be taking risks on little known indie authors.

The main problem with my books is that there’s no mechanism to return them if they don’t sell, so they do represent a real risk for the bookseller.

But I believe in my books, I believe in bookstores, and I would love for my paperback editions to find homes out there in the world. So here’s what I’m offering:

If you’re a bookstore owner or buyer*, register in the comments with:

  • your shop name
  • your name
  • address
  • a link to your store’s website or webpage

As I can afford it, I will send packages containing one copy of HUSH MONEY and one copy of HEROES ‘TIL CURFEW for your shelves at my expense, trusting that, if the books sell, you will order copies to restock.

When I ship a package, I’ll reply here to let you (and any customers that happen by) know that the books are on their way. The registry will also allow my readers to see shops that are interested in giving books like mine a chance.

Naturally, quality is a concern for your business. Both HUSH MONEY and the recently released HEROES ‘TIL CURFEW have made the bestseller lists on Amazon and Barnes & Noble with many positive reviews. The product of an unknown author with no backing, HUSH MONEY rose to the Kindle top 1000 and stayed there for five months with many periods in the top 500. The novel sold over 20,000 copies in its first year and continues to sell. If you carry YA Romance fiction, I have believe the Talent Chronicles series will be a welcome addition to your stock.

*Readers, please don’t register for your local bookstores. While I appreciate the enthusiasm, stocking choices to should be left to the store owners and I don’t want to send out books unsolicited. Instead, please contact your local store and ask them to register for the giveaway.

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