I have too much crap

It’s GIT Tuesday. Things are going okay. School starts tomorrow and while I haven’t gotten everything done I wanted to do, things are better.

You know how you get Netflix in the little red envelopes and then you put them back in there and send them back. But you can also send two back in the same mailer. So the other day my husband asked me about all the Netflix mailers I have in the basket. And I explained how every once in a while I send two back in the same one, blah blah. “So you’re just saving the extra ones for emergencies?”

Um, I guess so. I mean, that’s dumb, right? Why am I holding on to these things?

Holding on to things is a problem. I hold on to so much stuff just in case I’m going to need it again. I have a drawer with jeans in every size from 4 to 16. What the hell?

Letting go of things is good. I’ve done it before and I know this. It’s just one of those things that doesn’t come naturally. But when I declutter, when I have less stuff, things are much better. There’s more space to, you know, live and stuff. I don’t know why the decision to give up stuff is so hard when the actually giving it up and living without it really isn’t.

So back to the weight loss thing, here are some things I gave up:

  • Drinking calories. The only exception is that I try to drink a glass of milk at dinner most days. Otherwise it’s water and diet stuff.
  • Diet Coke. I didn’t give it up, but late this winter I kicked at 5-6 per day habit down to a 0-2 per day habit. I think the loss of all that sodium from my diet has made my weight more stable, not ever-changing due to water retention.
  • Ordering french fries. We go out to eat every Sunday with my parents, plus my mom and I go out a few times a month, plus I have a child who likes the fast food playgrounds. I have plenty of fries with that opportunities in my life. At fast food I just say no. At a sit-down restaurant I ask to substitute something green. It’s never a problem. If someone else has fries and they look particularly good, I’ll snag one, but I don’t need fries with that. I think this has actually made a big difference. I’m a big fan of the carbs and fries are definitely one of the good things in life. But good enough to carry around on my person for years to come? No.
  • Being full. I never eat until I can’t eat anymore. I mean, I used to, and now I can’t even figure out why I used to. For some people, that feeling equates in their mind to “satisfied.” I decided to think of it as “stuffed.” And I don’t want to stuff. I eat because I’m hungry. To get unhungry. So when I find myself thinking about a second helping at home or eating much more than half of what’s on my plate at a restaurant, I try to pause and think about whether or not I’m still hungry. Since my goal is just unhungry, if I don’t feel hungry anymore, it’s time to put the fork down.

I tell you this because, as I said before, changing the way I think and actually being mindful about the eating has really helped me get back to healthy weight. Don’t know if it’ll be helpful for anyone else. Hope so. Meanwhile, I should go declutter and let go of some stuff.


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5 responses to “I have too much crap

  1. I just came to the same decision about my flat. Boxes everywhere. No room to do anything. Definitely need to sort some stuff out and declutter. Good luck! And well done on cutting down on the bad food choices. It really makes a difference.

  2. I have size 6 to 16 in my closet. I hope to someday be able to get rid of 12-16. Maybe even the 10’s. I’ll never wear the 6 again, I’m sure. So 8 would be good. LOL

    I’m trying to cut down a little on Diet Coke, but mostly because of the aspartame. If you’ll check the label, you’ll find that it’s really a very low sodium drink. However, there is hidden sodium in many of the foods we eat. That’s why I almost never salt anything.

    That’s a very good habit of not eating until you’re stuffed. And you don’t HAVE to clean your plate. If we would all eat more slowly, we could enjoy food for the same amount of time, yet eat less.

    Fries are good, but I’ve been able to leave a bunch of them on my plate lately. Good habits are formed slowly sometimes, but if we keep working on them, they can last a lifetime. Good for you, Susan! You are doing great.

  3. Claire

    You ROCK, Susan. I like the way you think — no crazy diets, just slowly and surely changing lifestyle habits. And also, yay for de-cluttering! That’s one of the best feelings ever. Happy de-cluttering to you! 😀

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