Preparing for NaNoWriMo: More Great Ways to Procrastinate

I’m still not getting anywhere new, really, with my notes.  Mostly what I’ve been doing is writing down blocks of questions that want answering, but the answers aren’t coming.  I’m not part of this world.  I don’t own this story, and I’m not intimate with these characters.

And because I am Pot, I was talking to Kettle this evening and I was telling her that in the stuff she’s been doing in this first week of Sweat 2, it seems like she’s trying to find her voice and not making it.  She clarified that it was the characters whose voice she couldn’t quite get, and I agreed.  We talked about how, with her heroine, she’s sort of, as I like to say, made from the hero’s rib.  She’s created to be his match, but in only looking at her from that perspective, there are parts of her that weren’t thought through.  Because, let’s face it, a woman’s life does not begin when she meets the man of her dreams, even if it should kind of feel that way for them in a book.

So this is the point at which I opened my big mouth and said [paraphrased of course]:

If we had all the time in the world, it would be great to start blogs for characters.  Because in blogging as them on any sort of regular basis, we’d get a feel for what they’re like and how they express themselves.

This all goes back to that thing about how I think blogging helped me find my voice and made me more comfortable using it.

So after messing around with the idea of where to put such crazy things, I ended up making a blog for my heroine on LiveJournal.  I’m very comfortable with LJ and I love my client that lets me post to a few different journals.  Sadly, I couldn’t get the thing to work for both LJ and WordPress at the same time.  But after wasting a lot of time on the client thing, I set up my heroine’s LJ, had her friend the few people giving me technical advice, and she wrote a 2-line post.

I thought about starting one up for the hero.  And the heroine’s roommate.  And the leader of their organization.  And then I thought about creating a private LJ community where they could all get together and talk to each other.

And this is about the point where I realized that I am insane and that it is 11 days, 21 hours, and 56 minutes to Nano, and how much meaningful conversation are these imaginary people really going to have in that time?

Oh.  The evil evil thought just passed through my head to fire up The Sims instead and making little virtual dolls to play with.

I am so going to bed now.

 ETA: When Kettle got up, because she did not stay up playing on the internet until 2am (not even 2am my time!) she posted about what she did with hers.  Click here for the post.


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2 responses to “Preparing for NaNoWriMo: More Great Ways to Procrastinate

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  2. Bri

    Nice – 😀 I wish I was so geeky in this area. Instead, I’m geeky when it comes to non-productive non-writing things. Blargh. I’m participating in Nano and am completely excited about it! Hope your preparations go well.

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