How Blogging Has Helped My Writing

It’s hard to start a blog.  For me, anyway.  It’s not just the idea of talking out loud and not even knowing who’s going to hear it.  It’s also that when you start a new blog, you don’t know that anyone ever will hear it– read it, rather, if you have to be all picky about it.

I have a personal blog that I was writing in for almost a year before I came here and started this one.  I can remember it being very difficult in the beginning, feeling unsure of what to say, wondering what people would be interested in hearing, and so much wanting people to come over and be interested.  I’ve made good friends blogging, I have a few dozen regular readers to my personal journal, and I continue to find that very rewarding.  Then I came over here and started all over again.

So it’s been a rocky sort of start for me because I’ve been overly concerned with what you want to hear and I forgot to just talk.  That’s what I do on my personal blog, my little virtual home where I’m comfortable and my friends drop by dressed in their best avatars to chat with me against the backdrop of pink embossed wallpaper.  I pop in, I say Hey, just a quick note to say that I’m doing this or just heard that, or you would not believe what this child just did, can I just tell you?  I talk, I make up words (yeah, in a Buffy way), I don’t worry about how I sound.

Point?  I was reading the first few chapters of WOTM.  Remember I said that I loved them?  Know why?  It’s me (or I, rather)!  It’s my voice.  No, I don’t make up words all the time– ok, I made up a few words, maybe, but I did put them in dialogue.  But the quality of what I’ve written is fresher and more…individualistic, I suppose, than anything I’ve written before.  And I have to credit that to blogging.  To the daily practice of being myself.

What about you?  Have you had a similar experience?  Was there something different, perhaps, that helped you to find your voice?


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4 responses to “How Blogging Has Helped My Writing

  1. noolo

    what is WOTM ?

  2. All your best posts are when you just talk. It’s because you’re so interesting. Deal.

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